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The Center's mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment to connect day workers and employers with dignity. In addition, the Center strives to empower day workers and improve their soci-economic condition through fair employment, education, job skills training, and community service. The Center also supports advocacy efforts on issues that affect day workers.

Learning new skills From resume writing to sewing, workers at the Center have the opportunity to pick up new skills, which can help them in getting a job or creating their own businesses.

Job Skills– Resumes, interviewing, and networking were the focus of a job skills presentation in August by Alexandra Lyons. Carmen Zarate kindly provided translation as Alexandra showed participants different approaches to resume writing and offered assistance to them on their own resumes. She also went over how to prepare for a job interview and shared sample questions. On networking, she explained several different ways to connect with people who can be of assistance in a job search. "Networking," she told the group, "just means meeting people."

job skills

Tutoring – This summer, Cesar and Daniela, the children of one of the workers, Eloisa, met twice a week with Gail Nyhan, who tutored them in reading. The sessions ended before school started to give the kids a break. At the last meeting, Gail took the kids to Deer Hollow Farm.

Sewing - One of the day workers, Ricardo Palacios, teaches sewing Mondays and Thursdays, from 10AM to 12PM. A sewing machine repairman in El Salvador, Ricardo has helped students in the class make curtains, bedspreads, clothing, Halloween costumes, and lingerie. These classes were made possible by a grant from the Self Development of People.


Handicrafts - The amazing Inez Alvizar has been teaching handicrafts Tuesdays from 12:30PM to 2:30PM. Inez is an expert in event planning, including creating decorations and pinatas, catering, table setting, flower arrangements, and invitations. Her class has created toilet-top covers and, using embossing over aluminum, book covers. The Center is considering selling these works of art online on Etsy.


Fair Housing Workshop - Project Sentinel gave workers an overview of tenants' rights, explaining federal- and state-protected categories, such as race or color, which landlords cannot use in deciding who to rent to. Sentinel went over how fair housing agencies investigate claims of discrimination, what the outcomes of an investigation might be, and what to do if you receive an eviction notice.
Human Rights Workshop - The Center for Employment and Training offered a presentation on the rights and responsibilites of immigrants. The program reviewed how to protect yourself and your family in case of any abuse by authorities.

by the numbers

January 1 to June 30, 2011:

  • 190 new workers came to the Day Worker Center
  • 227 new employers joined the existing group
  • 2857 placements made for workers
  • 6 workers found permanent jobs through the Center
  • 35 workers per day took our ESL classes
  • 6,945 hours were put in by our volunteers

a model for others Day workers from Santa Cruz and San Rafael visited with us this summer to find out about how we operate. Both cities are setting up their own day worker centers and are looking to our example to learn how we distribute work, how we recruit employers, and how we handle a variety of other issues.

how to Contact


Maria Marroquin
650.903.4102 (phone)
650.903.4106 (fax)


Monday - Saturday
7AM to 5PM
Sunday by Prior Arrangement

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Jewelry Making Classes, Mondays at 2PM
Taught by Alejandra.

First Firkin Friday: Fundraiser at The Tied House, Sept. 2

OSHA Presentation, Sept. 7

Health Presentation, Sept 8

Mountain View Art & Wine Festival, Sept. 10, 11

Hand-Knit Blankets, Sept 13
Delivery of hand-knit blankets to Lucile Packard's Children's Hospital. Women at our Center regularly knit and donate these blankets for babies born pre-maturely.

Community Forum, Sept. 21
7PM to 8:30PM
Join us for our Community Forum! Held in compliance with our conditional use agreement, this event is the time to give your comments and ask questions. There will be a presentation on the Center as well as display tables on our handicrafts, sewing, and re-purposed materials classes. Refreshments will be served.

Blood Drive
, Sept. 26
At the Center, 10AM to 1PM
Blood donors must:
* be at least 17 years of age
* weigh at least 110 lbs
* be free of cold/flu symptoms
* eat and drink water before
Call 888-723-7831 for more info
or: bloodcenter.stanford.edu


This past summer we saw the completion of a mini documentary on the Center.

We also produced a documentary by and about day workers in our community.

In June, the blog ilovemv.org wrote about the Center's Green Housecleaning Certification.


Local agencies contribute essential support to the Center, which enables us to provide comprehensive services to our community.


Visit this blog written by and about the workers and the volunteers at the Center.

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