Day Worker Center
of Mountain View

Serving Mountain View and surrounding communities since 1996

Monday to Saturday, 7AM - 3:30PM

113 Escuela Avenue
Mountain View, CA, 94040


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Day to day operation of the center is overseen by a council of workers — the Workers' Commission, whose members are elected by the workers. The commission is a powerful way for workers to contribute to the success of the center.

Executive Director

María Marroquín serves as Executive Director for the Day Workers' Center of Mountain View, and is currently in her second term as the President of the Board of Directors of NDLON (National Day Labor Organizing Network). María oversees day-to-day operations at the center and serves as liaison with local employers and the community. Her passion is to empower workers to become members of the community. María is also a "graduate" of the center's programs.

"I came here for economic reasons, with my son. I sold pots and pans, I sorted clothes in a second-hand clothes store, but my life changed when I came to the Day Worker Center. When I came here, it was hard to understand that now I needed to clean houses, when in Mexico I had paid others to do it for me.

"When I finished my first job, I felt like a heroine, that I'm really strong, I'm a survivor. I felt that I was capable of changing my life. More importantly, I became passionate about the day workers. I saw how they struggle, and how they suffer.

"It's like the waters parted for me. I began coming to the Center to give the workers rides to work, and started to volunteer in the office. I helped to organize the workers: I got involved with community activism, and started going to City Council meetings. At one point, I took English classes at a school that is sponsored by Philanthropic Ventures. Today, they are one of the foundations that supports our work in the community, and I have become the Executive Director of the Center. My story isn’t unique. This could be repeated many, many times, thanks to organizations like the Day Worker Center, and the opportunities that they provide."

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of people who are committed to assisting the Center and achieving its mission. Typical board members are successful business leaders, community leaders and activists, and members of the day laborer community.

Day Worker Center of Mountain View Board of Directors (in alphabetical order):

  • Armando Espitia
  • Bill Lambert - President
  • Craig Sherod
  • David Wolff
  • Fr. Robert Moran
  • Francisco Mendoza
  • Josefina Bailon
  • Laura Casas - Vice President
  • Laura Macias - Secretary
  • Marco Antonio Cedillo
  • Marcos Leyva
  • Steve Olson - Treasurer